1. Question: I would like to study for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Tropical Agriculture International Program. When I can apply to study here? May I have the admission schedule?

Answer: Foreign students can apply anytime throughout the academic year but the new students need to wait for the first semester to start in August.

For Thai students:
1.    The Central University Admissions System (CUAS) annually held by the Office of
the Commission for Higher Education (CHE), Thailand (50 students)

2.    Direct admission held by the Tropical Agriculture International Program twice a
year for online applications only.

a.    First Round Admission October – December (25 students)
b.    Second Round Admission February – May (25 students)

3.    Direct admission held by the Faculty of Agriculture under  นิสิตไทยหัวใจเกษตร
program during August – November (15 students)

2. Question: How much does the B.S. costs in dollars, including tuition fees and living expenses?

Answer:  The expenses are as follows:
- Tuition fees approx. 2050 USD/semester (2 semesters /year)
- Living expenses approx. 350-500 USD/month

3. Question: How to proceed with B.S. admissions?

Answer: Foreign students can apply anytime throughout the academic year at  www.interprogram.ku.ac.th. Click download forms, select Kasetsart University Application for Admission Form or download the application form on this website. After completion of the admissions form, please forward your admission form and all required documents to ku.oip@ku.ac.th and also CC to taipagr@ku.ac.th

4. Question: Can I stay in the International dormitory of KU?

Answer: The International dormitories for foreign student are available but we have the limited rooms, so the university will consider the room for the students who have prior reservations.

5. Question: I would like to apply to study in the program B.S. but I don’t have a TOEFL or IELTS score. Normally, I use English as my mother tongue. Do I still need to submit the English standard score?

Answer: For foreign students who have English as their mother tongue, the committees will take consideration from your attached documents and inform you later. For Thai students who don’t have TOEFL or IELTS score, they have to pass the English Examination held by the program.